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Nov. 28th, 2005 @ 11:30 am
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im tired...haha

i worked 12 1/2 hours for the 2nd day in a row. im over 1/2 way to over time and its only tuesday.

i have 25 hours already.

but today sucked, it was long as hell. I started with a large drop off, 87 tables. pretty big, but not hard by anymeans. It became hard when the person had me drive to like 8 different spot and she told me to back up a cargo truck in to really small drive ways and it took us like 2 hours. There were three people from the college the person telling me where to go, looked like a dude but it was a she, she was a bitch. Then we had a old guy that had a huge hump on has lower left back. and then a kid, maybe like 18-21 and all he did was call the other 2 fucking idiots. worst time ever. I think i have a pick up there tomorrow of like 250 chairs. so after that got lunch, that went good haha. then went back loaded up for the rest of the day and we had to wait for awhile to get some pins, and with out those we couldnt do anything. so we took an hour to load which should have been half that. so we left around 3 for our next job. (note we left for caz around 10). So i guess there are like 4 state fair blvd., because we went to one and the place wasnt there, then i was like the furnace is off state fair blvd. so got on 690 and got off exit 5 go down and was looking for 819...so we see 821 then 817. so i call the contact person they were out for the week. i stopped and asked if anyone knew where it was and 2 ladies were looking it up on mapquest and stuff, couldnt get it. so on calls a fireman(it was for a fire chief thing) and they say theyre having a convention at the fair grounds. go there and i found the contact person haha weird, and she said we needed to go to 819 state fair blvd so we we got lost 1 more time then found it, it was 2 tents so it took some time, and the office made a mistake or there was a misunderstanding and i had to go pick up weights for the tent. it was lame, but we got done like 7, had one more job in cicero and we were short a pole, so i had to go back and pick it up, and it was lame too. finished that and punched out around 9:30. Everything that could have went wrong did. except i didnt hit anything today so that's a plus. yesterday i hit a ton of stuff. I backed in to a hurdle at cns, i hit a big rock, hit a gate at the zoo and broke it, i hit a fence at the zoo, i hit my mirrors on like a tree or something. But im in a huge truck and the zoo people kept making me go in small gates they're dumb, last time the guy too me through a big gate and i didnt hit anything...well i hit a tent,but that was backing up it was my own fault. also i cant move the mirrors so i cant see out of them, so pretty much i hope for the best on the highway. i need a shower, and then its bed time, and back to work for the 9th day in a row.
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1. Reply with your name and I will write something about you.
2. I will then tell what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. If you were a fruit you'd be...
4. I will say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I will tell you my first memory of you.
6. I will tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll then tell you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. Put this in your journal.
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well what an interesting day.

i guess it started yesterday kinda...well yea, yesterday my mom took my car to get checked out just to make sure there werent any problems. So it did really good except it has a cracked break cylinder. She took it to a second place to look at it today and i was suppost to have her car. Well She called me and told me she had the extra key for her car, which she eventually got home to let me use. But it sucks. I should get my car back saturday or sunday.

Well i went to fill out my W-2 for work. I'm starting tuesday. I owe a ton of money to my mom it sucks. I hate owing people money. So i think i owe her like 800 for insurance, 100 for my cell phone, and 200 for oswego.

then got jaime and went to the show. It was a good time.

This is why - good performance, now if they could play music while doing that.

buried inside - boring.

Ghost of the saltwater machines - great, much better than FDH and i liked FDH.

Unholy - wow, so good.

Ion dissonance - heavy thats all i could tell it just seemed to noisy couldnt make anything out really, but still good to watch.

Freya - theyre alot better than before.

The red death - I love those dudes. haha and Sean singing for them was alot of fun. I wish they lived in syracuse so i could hang out with them more than when they play the area.

good show, good time seeing everyone i saw.

Me and jaime got BK, it ruled...i dont remember why, but it was just fun.

went home....

called kim, and then we broke up. cause she thinks i talk to some girl everynight at 1 oclock because i guess i always wanna get off the phone then, but its really just me wanting to get off the phone. It kinda sucks but if this is how she is gonna be after 2 weeks of being apart, we wouldn't make it 2 years apart, especially when im at oswego.

hmm and some random thoughts:
Fall river is playing syracuse in july, with another band im good friends with. Excited for that one.

One of my friends got married, haha. I'm getting old.

I think a boy meets world party needs to happen, i got like 10 people that wanna do it...it'll be amazing.

guns up in syracuse...mmmmhmmm
then the next day the rocket summer and down to earth approach.

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woohoo i gotta a car today.

2000 cirrus, dark green, 64,000 miles, 6disk cd player, no rust, no dents, i like it, i like it alot.

The rocket summer is amazing.

im going to soundgarden tomorrow, gonna sell some CDs back...i got about 12. including killswitch engage special edition, cradle of filth special edition, old acceptance, old PTW, solid state CD/DVD sampler, sigur ros, old symphony in peril, juliana theory and some more i think i'll get some decent money. hopefully.

I only got like $25 cash, $20 in the bank. I plan on going to the freya show friday $8, possible the scarlet ending saturday(hopefully free), marathon $6, The Promise $8...+gas. until i get paid. which will be 2 weeks from friday. It's gonna be a rough few weeks, but then ill have alot of money.

I think im gonna make something like $4,000 this summer. Assuming i work for 60 hours a week at $8/hour Id get 560 per week before tax, so around 500 a week...and ill probaly work more hours than that.

oh yea im going to oswego next year.

yea thats it.

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This was one of the best shows, I've ever been to. 

» westcott show pictures - 5/20

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» the brilliant light



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MAY 6th
34 cornell dr - canton ny 13617

MAY 6th
FREE . 3-7PM

past shows:
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